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In Oklahoma: 800-580-6311

Out of State: 800-866-6311

00 Jalapeno Mustard
024oz Griffin Iced Cinnamon Roll Syrup
1 gal Crystal White Syrup
1 gallon Griffin Pancake Syrup
1 gallon Olde Farm Molasses
12 oz Griffin Sugarfree Syrup
16 oz Griffin Crystal White Syrup
16 oz Vanilla
20 oz Griffin Prepared Mustard
24 oz Delta Cane Syrup
24 oz Griffin Butter Pecan Syrup
24 oz Griffin Butter Syrup
24 oz Griffin Sugarfree - Butter Pecan
24 oz Griffin Sugarfree - Butter
24 oz Griffin Sugarfree Original
24 oz Pancake Syrup
32 oz Griffin Original Waffle Syrup
Griffin Original 24 oz Syrup
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